Fast, Easy & Flexible Payroll

A Payroll built for your needs in mind. Minimize stress with simple and reliable payroll service from iMerchant. Being a successful business involves paying your employees correctly and on time. iMerchant removes the headaches from the payroll and timekeeping process for everyone, providing a simple, efficient way to track hours and distribute paychecks.

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Payroll Support

Run your business. Leave payroll to us.


Risk Reduction

Fully compliant with all taxes and regulations. We’ll make sure you’re never penalized

Fraud Prevention

Built-in integrity protections, monitors, and alerts make manipulations virtually impossible

Power at Your Fingertips

Electronic Reports, Timekeeping, Direct Deposits, Quarterly Tax Reports and More!

Cost Reduction

We save our clients 15% on average with iMerchant Payroll Service

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